Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of three meals and three snacks a day? When you eat less calories than your body requires, weight loss occurs in the form of fat loss and blood sugar levels drop. The loss of fat and drop in blood sugar alerts the brain to send out hunger signals. Therefore, eating six times a day helps increase blood sugar levels and alleviates hunger.
I eat two meals a day. Won't I gain weight if I eat six times a day? Your weight is determined by the total number of calories consumed per day, not by the number of times you eat.
But I thought potatoes and bread were fattening! Potatoes and bread are complex carbohydrates, plant foods that are low in calories. These foods break down to glucose (sugar), the primary source of fuel for the body. Carbohydrates will help keep blood sugar levels normal and help curb your appetite. Complex carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, grains) are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, contain no fat or cholesterol (except for coconut, avocado, and olives which contain fat but no cholesterol), and contain phytochemicals that help prevent cancer.
What are Phytochemicals? Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds in plants that have a protective effect against many diseases. Click Here to learn more.
I've been having more frequent bowel movements on the CarboH diet. Is this normal? Yes. The CarboH diet is high in fiber which helps promote frequent bowel movements and softer stools. A high fiber diet also helps prevent colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis. You may experience some gas or flatulence due to the increase in fiber, but this will diminish with time.
Is CarboH a vegetarian diet? No, CarboH is not a vegetarian diet. In order to lose weight, it's necessary to change your eating habits and that starts with cutting down on calories from excess dietary fat, especially saturated fat, and including more fruit and vegetables in your diet. In addition to red meat, poultry, and seafood, the Protein Group offers a choice of several different sources of plant protein, including tofu, peanut butter, beans, soy cheese, soy milk, and soy burgers, and therefore, can be used quite well by vegetarians.
Why am I not allowed to eat bacon and sausage on this diet, but the bacon and sausage meat substitute products are allowed? Bacon and sausage are approximately 90% fat, mostly saturated, and high in cholesterol. Meat substitute products are made from soybeans, one of nature's plant foods that contain a small amount of fat, mostly polyunsaturated, and no cholesterol. Soybeans are a healthy food, a good source of protein, fiber, thiamine, calcium, and iron, and contain phytochemicals which help prevent cancer.
Should I take dietary supplements on the CarboH diet? Absolutely not! Dietary food supplements will not help you lose weight! Weight loss occurs by one of two ways: by consuming less calories or by burning off excess calories with exercise. Dietary supplements, particularly those containing herbs, can be harmful to your health! Beware of supplements containing Ephedra. Click Here to learn more about Ephedra.
I don't need to lose weight, but I'm looking for a healthy diet plan to follow. Can I use the CarboH diet? Certainly. The CarboH plan is a weight loss diet, but you can still use it for weight maintenance simply by increasing portion sizes. Stick to the Absolutely No list and enjoy Free Foods. Follow the plan and learn good eating habits.
I have diabetes and have been told by my doctor to lose weight. Can I use the CarboH diet?
Most definitely.
The primary cause of Type II Diabetes is obesity, therefore, the primary treatment becomes weight loss. The CarboH diet plan is similar to the diabetic diet since it provides three meals and three snacks per day. If you've been taking oral hypoglycemics or insulin injections, be sure to tell your doctor you're on a weight loss diet because the amount of medication you take will probably have to be decreased as your weight decreases.
Will I get enough protein on the CarboH diet? Should I take a protein supplement?  
Some diet plans are very low in protein, and therefore, instruct you to add protein to their inadequate menu plans. The CarboH diet supplies approximately 65 to 75 grams of protein per day which is adequate to meet the needs of the average person who needs 40 to 70 grams of protein per day.
How long can I stay on the CarboH diet?  
CarboH is a healthy diet consisting of grains, fruit, and vegetables and was designed to be followed for a lifetime. After using the diet for two weeks, you'll be able to incorporate it into your daily eating routines and continue with the diet for as long as you wish.
 I eat on the go. I don't cook. Can I use this diet? You don't have to do much cooking or any at all, if you prefer, on the CarboH diet. Unlike other diet plans, CarboH does not consist of preplanned menus that require preparation of strange recipes. CarboH allows frozen convenience foods for a quick lunch at work or for the person who doesn't have time to cook at home! I'm sure though, that once you begin the diet plan, you'll find that most of the recipes are so easy to prepare and so delicious that you'll want to try a few of them.

Where do you get your nutrition information? Most states now have licensure laws for Dietitians and Nutritionists. Be sure your nutrition advisor is "Licensed" by the State as a Licensed Dietitian (LD) or Licensed Nutritionist (LN), or in states that don't have licensure laws, a Registered Dietitian.




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